Download RINGMesh

RINGMesh is available under two different packages:

  1. Source code packages. Please follow configuration and compilation procedure.
  2. Pre-compiled packages. If your system is compatible you can extract files from the archive and use RINGMesh directly.

Download the source code

Unreleased Developments

Living archive (current state of project)

Clone the source code from GitHub

The project is hosted on the GitHub platform:

You can clone RINGMesh using:

git clone

To clone RINGMesh you need Git ( Make sure that Git binary directory is in your computer path (environment variable). Under Windows, after installing Git you should have in your path environment variable: C:\Program Files\Git\cmd. Warning: TortoiseGit ( does not install Git.

Latest Release

Other Releases

Find all RINGMesh Release on GitHub.

Download pre-compiled packages

Unreleased Developments

Packages are built with graphics and utilities (see configuration options).