Get Started with RINGMesh

About the source code

Download the source Code

The source code is available by:

  1. cloning the directory from GitHub
  2. downloading an archive of the sources (Releases or latest developments)

For more information, please follow the instructions of the Download section.

Configure and compile the source Code

RINGMesh is tested under:

Please find the corresponding instruction in the configure and compile tutorial.

About pre-compiled packages

Pre-compiled packages are available in the Download section. After having downloaded the archive that correspond to your operating system, please extract the files in the folder where you want to use it.

Develop with RINGMesh

RINGMesh is a library that provide a development API with functions that can be used in an external project. We provide an example of a project that set the dependency with RINGMesh and use some functions from the RINGMesh API.

Please Look at the RINGMesh Plugin example on GitHub.

Once your project is started, you can follow some tutorials to learn more about the RINGMesh API.

RINGMesh Utilities

To access the utilities RINGMesh needs to be configured and compiled with the corresponding option. If you did not check that option during the configuration using CMake please go back to the configure and compile tutorial and select the RINGMESH_WITH_UTILITIES option. Pre-compiled packages have been built with the RINGMESH_WITH_UTILITIES option.

After building RINGMesh with utilities a set of executable is generated and can be executed from the RINGMesh install directory:

Here is the list of the RINGMesh utilities:

A description of both functionalities and input parameters is displayed while launching the executable.