RINGMesh has now been industrialized by Geode-solutions with the OpenGeode platform.

The legacy code is still available but the RING team supports, uses and contributes to OpenGeode.

RINGMesh is a C++ open-source platform for manipulating meshes of geological models. RINGMesh is neither a geomodeler nor a mesh generation tool, but it can be used to develop geomodeling applications, such as meshing and numerical simulation tools.


  • Efficient data structure to handle geological models
  • Validity checks of geometric, geological and topological consistency.
  • Meshes representing the geometry of geological model entities can be extented using your own data structure
  • Complete and user-friendly API to use meshes in physical simulators
  • Lightweight geological model viewer
  • Utilities to convert geological models into another file format

More details available in the features section.


See the download section for other versions and pre-compiled packages.


The SEG/EAGE Overthrust model.


Date Message
Feb 22, 2018 Presentation of RINGMesh at the 4th meeting of the European 3D GeoModelling Community in Orléans.
Nov 20, 2017 New RINGMesh website !


Please, use the GitHub issue tracker to ask any questions or report bugs. See the About page for additional information on our team.

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